MRM Coordinator

Monitoring and Result Measurement (MRM)

What is the UNNATI-MRM Coordinator?

UNNATI-Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) Coordinator is a support unit for implementation of UNNATI by being the coordination unit of the entire program. This in terms of implementation, representation in national coordination committees, monitoring and reporting.

The MRM coordinator ensures that the MRM systems across the program are coherent and that UNNATI has an effective and practical MRM system in place for program decision-making.

The MRM Coordinator organizes coordination meetings of the implementing partners quarterly to review and discuss progress, challenges, and way forward. It makes frequent field visits in the program districts to monitor the project activities and provides feedbacks and recommendations to the implementing partners.


What are MRM Coordinator objectives?

To support UNNATI implementing partners to ensure coordination in program implementation and monitoring and results measurement.

To assist the Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD) in coordination and results based management of the program.

To Assist Embassy of Denmark (EoD) in monitoring, results measurement and reporting of the program.


What are the roles of MRM Coordinator?

Coordinate and supervise the implementation among the implementing partners.

Provide support to the implementing partners in applying the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) standards. This includes developing MRM guides, tools and procedures..

Provide technical support to the implementing partners in the design, establishment, implementation and adjustment of their MRM systems

Ensure consistent MRM practices across the program components and subcomponents so that the overall system is coherent and can deliver information on program-wide progress and results.

Provide support for baseline and impact studies; monitor and examine progress; and produce aggregated reports across the program.

Provide support and recommendations to MoAD as secretariat for Management and Coordination Committee (MCC) and Program Steering Committee (PSC).

Support EoD in carrying out MRM related activities including, reviews, evaluations and reporting.


How does MRM Coordinator work?

MRM Coordinator makes use of the DCED standard for measurement and reporting the results. For this, the 8 core elements of the DCED standard are followed. The 8 core elements of the DCED standard:

Articulating the Results Chain
Defining indicators of change
Measuring changes in indicators
Estimating attributable changes
Capturing wider changes in the system or market
Tracking associated costs
Reporting results
Managing the system for results measurement
By capturing the results at intervention, sub-component and program levels, the MRM system is able to report on how farmers, households and enterprises change their behavior, improve their performance and increase their income.


Who are MRM Coordinator partners?

MRM Coordinator’s main partners are the program’s implementing agencies including management contractor, district authorities, departments of ministries, UN Agencies, associations, and MoAD and the program’s funding partner, i.e. the EoD. The MRM Coordinator helps to bring out information on results that are crucial for;

Accessing value for money from the program for EoD,
Broadly assessing program’s contribution to Nepal government’s development objectives for MoAD,
Forming the basis for adjustment of the program

How to contact the MRM Coordinator?

MRM Coordinator is operated by a consortium of NIRAS Consulting of Denmark and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation in Nepal. For more information contact;

Team Leader Mr. Bjorn Jensen
Monitoring and Results Measurement Coordinator
UNNATI- Inclusive Growth Program in Nepal
Sanepa, Lalitpur
Phone: 977 1 5529400