Nepal Business Forum

The government of Nepal established Nepal Business Forum (NBF) in May 2010 through an Executive Order with an objective to create job opportunities by bringing reforms in business operation and investment promotion in the country to accelerate the pace of economic development. It has completed 5 years successful with significant reforms and got recognized at the global level as well.

NBF, a Public Private Dialogue forum, is formed specifically to stimulate dialogue and group efforts between the public and private sectors. It deals with various issues ranging from laws to policies along with regulatory constraints targeting to improve investment environment. The platform helps in identifying constraints, limitations and barriers in business operations and growth of investment. The institutional framework NBF focuses around conducting regular dialogue in a transparent way to find the solutions of the problems faced by both the public and private sector stakeholders with their own engagement. 

Nepal’s emergence from conflict, a multi-sector platform established to maintain a formal link between the private sector and government around making policy, regulations and laws could help achieve inclusiveness amongst a broad range of stakeholders and promote sustainable growth to the benefit of the whole country, and thereby reinforce the process of systemic stabilization. The idea of creating an economy-wide, national-level PPD was born. Consultations are taking place on a regular basis and 100 plus meetings of different layers are already organized.